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Complete computer peace of mind

Complete computing peace of mind …

You can have complete peace of mind about all your IT and computing.  With Cloudberry on the case, you never have to worry about it going wrong, no matter what happens, we're there to keep your data safe and your equipment running ...


Just call Cloudberry, and relax

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Backup worries

How safe is your data?

How frequently do you back up your data?  What happens if your email gets corrupted?  How reliable is your virus protection?  Are you safe from online fraud and spam?  There is a simple answer, with Cloudberry's services, you can be sure you are fully protected ...

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The very friendly cloudberry team.

The track record of cloudberry support team is very impressive – just take a look at the testimonials. And with cloudberry that impressive record of keeping computers running and business people working moves on to a completely new dimension.

Sharif George, founder and chief Coffee Machine, says “We’ve always prided ourselves on offering not just a service, but a first class service delivered with a smile!” The cloudberry concept takes these underlying values a step further.

“So many people are totally reliant on their laptop, and so many of our calls relate to laptops that aren’t working, it was a no-brainer to develop a service that resolves all the challenges that our clients have experienced,” he explains. “It’s a market that obviously needed a solution – and we were ideally placed to provide it.”

The combination of hardware, software, support and security is what most professionals need – and when you add the very friendly approach, what more could you want?

So … if you want to know your IT  just works

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Sharif, Andrew and the team